03.11.23 | Criminal Defense,

Columbus police officer accused of street racing, DUI

Ohio law enforcement officers are typically held to a higher standard than regular civilians. Still, cops are human and sometimes make mistakes and errors in judgment that can get them in trouble with the law. In one recent case, a…

02.13.23 | Criminal Defense,

Drug sting leads to 3 arrests

Among the top priorities for law enforcement in Ohio is to rid community streets of illegal drugs. In their efforts, several agencies may join forces to investigate and bust illicit drug operations occurring in their cities. One such operation netted…

11.22.22 | Criminal Defense,

Several accused of possessing stolen goods

Ohio law enforcement in Washington County has conducted an extensive investigation regarding property that they claim was stolen throughout their area. The investigation culminated in the arrests of six individuals. Now, those facing charges are likely considering their options for…

10.04.22 | Criminal Defense,

Ohio man arrested following drug bust

Law enforcement agencies throughout Ohio are concerned with reducing crime in their communities. Many times, alleged crimes involve illicit drug activity, and prosecutors and law enforcement typically investigate and prosecute drug crimes aggressively. A man in Portsmouth was recently arrested…

06.30.22 | Criminal Defense,

3 suspects accused of fatal beating

Some people choose to resolve a contentious matter with another party by the use of force. Despite the reasons for the altercation, those who respond with violence to settle a matter run the risk of facing serious criminal charges themselves….

05.18.22 | Criminal Defense,

5 in Ohio accused of mailbox theft

Most people in Ohio and elsewhere wrongly assume their mail is safe inside their mailboxes. They also typically assume that anything they receive in the mail is legitimate. The truth is that anyone can come along and access a person’s…