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Finding full-service lawyers for your needs is as easy as stopping by our Greenville office or calling us. We’re prepared to help with whatever you need.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future is essential. You want to protect yourself and your family members. Our lawyers will help you have peace of mind by creating a customized estate plan centered around your family’s needs.

We will work with you to create a plan for:

  • Powers of attorney: We can help you create a power of attorney so your financial well-being is protected when you can no longer make those decisions yourself.
  • Last will and testament: Preparing for your death is a sobering thought, but you can rest easy knowing your family is protected in probate matters with a last will and testament secured. Our lawyers are prepared to guide you to mitigate your concerns.
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts: Our attorneys know the importance of protecting your family and your estate. We can help you create a trust to fit your needs.

Real Estate

Understanding the finer points of real estate can be challenging. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling, buying, or renting; mistakes can be costly. We’re a law firm with experienced real estate attorneys, so you can rest assured that we’re ready for your needs.

Let us help you with your:

  • Purchase agreements: Purchase agreements are critical to the real estate process. A real estate lawyer in Greenville can help you review the terms of the agreement to provide comprehensive guidance.
  • Closings: You might feel some relief when you close a sale on your old or new property, but there are fine details to finalize. Title Safe Agency, Inc. makes sure that the process of closing a real estate transaction is handled correctly ensuring you have no future issues.
  • Title exams and title insurance: Our Real Estate Attorneys take the time to research the title to the property and counsel you through any issues that need to be corrected. Additionally, we have the ability to provide real estate title insurance to provide you as a new property owner with the maximum protection possible on your investment.
  • Zonings and developments: Our real estate lawyers in Greenville can provide guidance or representation in zoning regulations or resolving development issues on your property.
  • Rental agreements: Many leases are boiler plate copy. You can turn to our Greenville real estate lawyers to review rental agreements to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Family Law

Decisions affecting a family can cause tensions to run high. Our Greenville attorneys and staff provide an empathetic ear and the support and compassion you need when dealing with sensitive subjects.

  • Divorce: Divorce is hard . Working with a lawyer can provide you peace of mindand someone advocating for the best possible resolution to end your marriage including an equitable split of your property.
  • Child custody and support: Under Ohio law, parents are expected to provide for their children, no matter if they’re married or not. We can help you pursue and create a parenting arrangement that’s fair and considerate of your circumstances.

Business Services

At Dungan & LeFevre, we understand running a business takes more than a dream. You should be focused on your work instead of troubling yourself with legal matters alone. Turn to experienced business law attorneys with your questions. We’re the Greenville lawyers to help with your business needs.

  • Formation: Starting a business is a significant decision. Without guidance, you could very easily end up in hot water if you don’t start your business correctly. It isn’t as easy as “1-2-3,” but our business law attorneys can help you. We can help you get your business of the ground.

  • Transactions: When a business is selling to or purchasing other companies, there are consequences to consider. Everyone involved wants a fair deal, but there might be obstacles. Our experienced business attorneys can guide you every step of the way.

  • Contract Review: Contracts are key components of business law. Everyone wants a fair deal, but that doesn’t always happen. Our business law attorneys can help you examine contracts and get the best outcome.

  • Litigation: Larger companies may have the resources for an in-house legal team. We offer an alternative. Our Greenville business law attorneys can collaborate with you as effectively as in-house counsel.

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Darke County’s Full-Service Attorneys

You can never be sure what life will throw at you, but it pays to be prepared. You can rest easy knowing there is a full-service law firm in Greenville that can help you face the unexpected or protect your future.

Our attorneys cover multiple practice areas, so we’re prepared to guide residents of Darke County and surrounding areas through your legal needs. We can help you with your divorce, plan your estate, help you establish your business, or assist on your real estate needs. We’re ready to guide you to the solution you need. No matter what you’re hoping to accomplish, we’ll be able to give you the best chance to meet your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Lawyers

How do I know I need a Lawyer?

While you might feel confident handling your legal needs alone, you’d be much better off with someone with legal training and experience. You might think you can handle your own filing, but finding legal representation can help protect you or get you on the proper footing.

You can call us, and we can explore your needs and get started on your case immediately.

How do I choose a lawyer?

Put simply, you need to work with a lawyer whose practice areas cover your demands. If you’re getting a divorce, you could work with a criminal defense attorney, but you’d be better off with someone who practices family law.

You should also look for a local attorney, one who is familiar with your area and can meet you in-person when you need it.

What can I expect in my consultation with Dungan & LeFevre?

When you come to our Greenville office, we’ll start your consultation by getting your story. We’ll review the facts of the case and get the details for the situation you’re facing and what goal you would like to accomplish.

We can then begin planning for the legal work ahead of us and find the best way to serve you.

How do I find Dungan & LeFevre’s office?

Our Greenville office is located at 300 S Broadway Street. We sit at the southeast corner on “The Circle” in the old bank building.

"Took all the stress out of the planning."

We were referred to Sarah Worley by another professional who had worked with her on estate planning for his clients. Sarah and her assistant Miranda were delightful to work with and took all the stress out of the planning. The entire process was a breeze and we now have all our ducks in a row to protect our family for the future. Would not hesitate to recommend Sarah and her team!

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