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Dungan & LeFevre: Providing Outstanding Civil Litigation Services

Business and employment matters are fraught with potential disputes. How much a dispute will cost you — in terms of time, money and reputation — may depend on the steps you take now to resolve the matter.

Whether you manage a large company, are self-employed, or work for an employer who hasn’t honored your rights, you need an experienced civil litigation attorney on your side as soon as possible.

The attorneys at Dungan & LeFevre focus on you and your needs, today and for the future. We build upon a century-long legal legacy. Our personal focus, attention to detail, and cost-effective services are an invaluable resource to clients throughout Ohio.

To set up a consultation regarding your specific legal issue, call us at 937-770-6225 or complete our contact form. With offices in Troy, we advise and represent clients statewide. Our civil litigation attorneys Steven Justice, James Brookshire, Jack Hemm, Michael Baer and Michael Scarpelli are ready to help you.

Representation In A Wide Range Of Legal Disputes

If you are involved in a civil legal dispute, one of the best things you can do is secure the services of a civil litigation team that will work aggressively for you — but with a calm and practical mind. Our firm can take swift action on your behalf and work through your case step by step to ensure that you have a strong legal basis and evidentiary claim. We have the skills and resources to resolve a wide variety of legal disputes, including:

In addition to our comprehensive business dispute services, we offer guidance and representation in civil appeals.

Civil litigation can affect your business, income, family and reputation. We can develop a detailed and comprehensive strategy for protecting your rights and interests now and in the future.

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