Drug sting leads to 3 arrests

Among the top priorities for law enforcement in Ohio is to rid community streets of illegal drugs. In their efforts, several agencies may join forces to investigate and bust illicit drug operations occurring in their cities. One such operation netted three arrests for various drug charges, and now those accused are likely considering their options for mounting an effective defense.

Drug bust and arrests

Following an ongoing drug trafficking investigation, officers with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and the Southeast Major Crimes Task Force arrested three individuals at an unspecified location in Monroe County. The bust occurred sometime on Monday, February 6. Those arrested include two men and a woman, but their ages were not provided in the report.

During their search, authorities discovered undisclosed amounts of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and currency. One man faces charges of drug possession and drug trafficking, and the woman faces charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and drug possession. The other man faces one count of possession of drug abuse instruments.

Right to defense

As those accused face serious drug charges that include felony offenses, each needs to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio as soon as possible. A lawyer can challenge the evidence that prosecutors seek to present against the accused to perhaps have the charges dismissed — or at the very least, mitigate any penalties they may receive. Regardless, a lawyer will be there to advocate on behalf of the accused and fight to help the client obtain the best outcome possible.

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