5 in Ohio accused of mailbox theft

Most people in Ohio and elsewhere wrongly assume their mail is safe inside their mailboxes. They also typically assume that anything they receive in the mail is legitimate. The truth is that anyone can come along and access a person’s mailbox and take the items in it. Recently, authorities in the Buckeye State conducted an investigation into mailbox thefts in their area, leading to the arrests of five individuals. 

Investigation and arrests 

A news report released on May 17 states that a resident in Blue Ash witnessed a male with his hands in her mailbox not long after 12 p.m., although the report does not specify the exact date. The witness wrote down the license plate number of the vehicle the man was seen getting into as well as a description of the vehicle, which she gave to authorities. Officers later spotted the vehicle at a local motel and say they keep vigil on it until a warrant was obtained. Police then saw several people leave the motel and get into the vehicle. Officers arrested the individuals only to discover more people were in the motel room. 

Police say they found fake checks along with blank check stock. Reportedly, they also discovered computers and printers in the room as well as in two vehicles. They also claim to have seized loaded guns and an unspecified amount of drugs. Five people were arrested on various charges, including forgery and being in possession of criminal tools, and one individual supposedly refused to come out of the bathroom to surrender to police. Authorities claim the person was trying get rid of the drugs in the toilet and bathtub. He also allegedly was trying to get rid of a set of car keys. 

 Right to defense 

Although the case against the individuals appears strong, each is presumed innocent in the eyes of the law unless, and only if, convicted in court. Considering the seriousness of the charges against them, all of the accused will want to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio as soon as possible. A lawyer will challenge evidence presented by prosecutors in an attempt at helping a client obtain the best outcome possible. 

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