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Business, Finance & Contract Disputes

Business, Finance & Contract Disputes: An Overview

Working together in business can be tricky. With multiple goals at odds and different personalities in the mix, it’s common for disputes to happen. Issues arise related to contracts, working relationships or more. And sometimes your wisest course of action is to get an attorney involved.

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Dispute Resolution And Business Law Litigation

Dungan & LeFevre’s Civil Litigation Practice Group prosecutes and defends a variety of claims — such as breach of contract or fraud — on business-related contract disputes for small to mid-sized companies and individuals. Whether the claims are based on breach of a contract or rooted in a statute, regulation or common law, Dungan & LeFevre’s civil litigation attorneys have substantial experience successfully litigating such claims in state and federal courts.

We recognize that litigation is, and should be, the last resort. Our attorneys will exhaust appropriate means to resolve the dispute before valuable resources are expended in litigation. It is nice to know, however, that if the matter cannot be resolved short of litigation, you have capable counsel at your disposal at Dungan & LeFevre to successfully prosecute or defend the claims.

Even if a business dispute proceeds to litigation, Dungan & LeFevre’s civil litigation attorneys are well-experienced with alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques such as mediation and arbitration, and they regularly employ such ADR techniques to favorably resolve business litigation disputes that would prove far more costly if they proceeded to trial.

For more information on matters related to employment and contracts, please see our page on employment law.

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The Dungan & LeFevre attorneys who handle these types of matters are Steven Justice, James Brookshire, Michael Rieman and Michael Scarpelli. Please contact us today to get one of these lawyers on your side: 937-770-6225.