Warrants And Extradition: An Overview

You’re at work, just going about your job. While you’re joking with your coworker, a police officer walks in and asks for you by name. It turns out there’s a warrant (or warrants) for your arrest — and you had no idea. You’re cuffed, read your rights, and escorted out in front of your boss and coworkers. Not the best way to interrupt a workday.

Or maybe you’re at the park, hanging out with your significant other. The police officers approach, stating they have a warrant for your loved one’s arrest. You watch helplessly as they are escorted away, and you remain in a state of shock just wishing life could get back to normal.

These are the nightmare scenarios you want to avoid. And it is possible to avoid the hassle, embarrassment and potential legal repercussions of getting arrested in public, at work or even at home; you just need the guidance of an experienced criminal attorney.

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If a court has issued a warrant for your arrest or a loved one’s arrest, it is vital that you contact an attorney immediately to investigate the prospect of removal of this warrant before your arrest. It is possible in many instances to have the court set a bond, which is reasonable under the circumstances, whether it be by cash or through your own recognizance, so as to secure your court appearance without having first to be arrested. Depending upon the nature and seriousness of the crime, a court appearance may be established without the necessity of an arrest.


Similarly, if there is a warrant for your arrest from another state, you are entitled to an extradition hearing. At an extradition hearing, you are entitled to representation by counsel to determine whether a felony has been committed in another jurisdiction and whether, in fact, that state has completed the necessary paperwork to secure your appearance. In many circumstances, there are local charges connected with the extradition charge that need to be addressed. An experienced criminal defense attorney is a necessity in such an event.

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