Understanding Expungement

You’ve served your time, and you’ve gained your freedom again. But are you really free? Having a criminal record can create all sorts of obstacles to rebuilding your life, starting with the very basic difficulties of finding employment or a place to live. Regardless of any other factors, in most cases, you can be turned down for employment or housing just because you have a record.

If you are facing these difficulties, it may be worth investigating whether your record can be expunged (removed). Doing so could make the process of rebuilding your life much easier.

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Clearing Your Name

When your criminal record is expunged, that means it is sealed from public view, and any convictions are cleared from public records. Once your record is expunged, you are no longer under any obligation to share your previous conviction(s) with potential employers, landlords or anyone else. To the general public, it’s as if it never happened.

Generally speaking, in Ohio you are eligible to have certain felonies expunged if you have only one felony on your record and three years have elapsed since the termination of your contact with the court. Similarly, you are eligible to have a misdemeanor expunged if you have had no further offenses for one year after the termination of your contact with the court. The rules regarding expungement can change, however, and there are always exceptions to them. Sometimes, certain cases are not eligible to be removed at all.

Navigating expungement can be confusing and full of pitfalls; that’s why you need an attorney on your side who is experienced in this area.

Our Attorneys Can Help

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