Construction Claims: An Overview

Construction projects can be complicated because there are so many different aspects to oversee. During a project, you and your employees are occupied with creating a plan, ensuring things are moving according to schedule, coordinating materials purchases and staying on budget. With all of this going on, you certainly don’t need to add legal matters such as breach of contract, insurance disputes or mechanic’s liens to the mix. But navigating building codes, city and county ordinances, and state and federal contract laws is part of the business of construction — and it can be costly if you don’t know the law.

To set up a consultation with an experienced construction law attorney, call XXX-XXX-XXXX or contact us via email. With offices in Troy, we advise and represent clients throughout Ohio. The attorneys at Dungan & LeFevre who handle construction matters are Steven JusticeJames BrookshireMichael Rieman and Michael Scarpelli.

Legal Pitfalls In The Construction Industry

Fortunately, Dungan & LeFevre’s Civil Litigation Practice Group knows the laws and can help you navigate them. Our attorneys will counsel business owners, contractors, design-builders, subcontractors and material suppliers with respect to construction-related claims, including but not limited to:

  • Bidding and bid protests
  • Breach of contract
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Insurance and bonds
  • Compliance with regulations associated with government-funded projects.

Government contracts can be particularly tricky because the laws are constantly changing. However, our attorneys remain constantly up to date on current construction and contract law so they can help ensure you comply with all regulations. Another reason government contracts can be tricky: the specifications of the jobs require very close attention to detail. Our attorneys will help you comb through the proposal and contract language to ensure you submit your best proposals and fulfill your contracts to the letter of the law.

Avoid The Pitfalls With Dungan & LeFevre

Although we prioritize approaches that minimize or resolve disputes when they arise, Dungan & LeFevre’s construction litigation attorneys have substantial experience achieving successful results before courts and arbitrators regarding all types of construction-related claims. Among other things, we have worked on claims involving the construction of museums, libraries, churches, wastewater treatment plants and parking garages, as well as other commercial buildings and residential structures. We are prepared to help you no matter what type of project you’re working on.

We strive to provide thorough but cost-effective assistance for our construction-related litigation clients in order to maximize their recovery and/or minimize their loss. At the same time, we remain mindful of the costs of litigation versus the amount at stake, so we always protect their bottom line. Give us a call to get started on protecting your projects and bottom line.

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