2 narcotics officers facing criminal charges

Working in law enforcement does not mean that individuals are immune to becoming suspects in possible criminal activity. In fact, police officers and former officers could come under suspicion and face criminal charges like individuals in other professions. While officers may already have some working knowledge of the law, it would likely still benefit them to gain more information that applies to their specific cases.

Two police officers in Ohio will undoubtedly be looking into their defense options after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, an investigation by the FBI resulted in the arrests. The investigation related to distribution of fentanyl and other drug-related activities. It was noted that the officers are a part of the narcotics division.

The officers are suspected of carrying out the following alleged actions:

  • Attempting to smuggle drugs 
  • Distributing approximately 7.5 kilograms of fentanyl 
  • Accepting cash bribes 
  • Protecting shipments of cocaine and other substances 
  • Attempting to recruit other individuals into the trafficking operations and promising police protection to those individuals 
  • Working together in attempts to ensure that operations went undetected 

While the specific charges each individual faces were not detailed in the report, it was noted that they both face possible sentences of life in prison. Criminal charges relating to drug activity, particularly drug trafficking, are not easy to face, and these individuals’ futures, reputation, employment and much more are on the line. As a result, these Ohio officers will certainly want to ensure that they fully explore their legal options and available defense avenues. 

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