Knowing when to revisit your estate planning goals

There may be numerous vital topics to address as you explore your available estate planning options and create a strategy that aligns with your wishes and needs. This process may help you address a variety of topics, and it could also help provide you with peace of mind for whatever your future may hold. 

While creating a plan may be the first step to protecting your future, there may be certain scenarios in which your wishes and preferences could change with time. Knowing how to tell when it might be time to review your estate plan and take steps to bring it in line with your new wishes could prove vital to safeguarding your future in Ohio. 

Change in life circumstances 

It might not always be possible to predict the changes life will bring, but you might be able to address these changes and modify your estate plan to better reflect your preferences. Some examples of events that might prompt a need for modifications may include: 

  • New parent:  Welcoming a child into the family is a common example of a life event that might prompt a need to revisit your estate planning goals and consider modifications. 
  • Marriage or divorce:  Marriage and divorce are both examples of significant changes in life circumstances that might alter your wishes and preferences for the future. 
  • Health concerns:  Studies also indicate that you might find it helpful to revisit your estate plan and explore your options should you or someone close to you fall ill or suffer serious injury. 
  • Addressing assets:  it may also be beneficial to revisit your estate planning goals following any scenario in life in which you experience a significant change in assets and wealth. 

Even if you do not experience a significant change in life circumstances, it may still be in your best interests to review your estate plan periodically to ensure it remains in line with your goals. 

Modifying your estate plan 

This may only be a brief list of events that might prompt a need to modify your estate plan, and knowing how best to approach such a process can seem an intimidating concept. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this alone, and seeking guidance on your options and on the next steps to take could prove integral to preparing to safeguard your future interests. Such a decision could help you better understand when to revisit your estate plan and how to ensure your strategy reflects your current wishes and needs. 

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