Drug bust in Ohio leads to several arrests

Like all other states, Ohio unfortunately sees a lot of illicit drug activity. To stem the tide of illegal drugs making their way onto city streets, drug trafficking operations have been initiated to target suspected drug activity and make arrests. A recent investigation led to drug charges against several individuals in the Buckeye State.

Investigations and arrests 

The Meigs County Sherriff’s Office had investigated several individuals in the area for suspected drug activity. The investigation lasted for six months and culminated in a search of at least three homes in the region, including Vinton County. Reportedly, officials from Monroe and Washington counties also helped with the investigation.

Those arrested range in age from 22 to 46. Most of the accused are men, with one 36-year-old woman also charged. The charges involve felony drug possession, trafficking and more. Authorities claim to have seized large quantities of heroin and drug paraphernalia as well as stacks of cash and guns.

Right to defense 

As each of the accused is facing serious consequences if convicted of the charges, it will be important to take these matters very seriously and consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Ohio. A lawyer will analyze all aspects of the investigation and subsequent searches, seizures and arrests and seek to challenge any and all evidence against the accused. By working with a lawyer, those accused stand a much better chances of fighting the charges against them and obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

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