Airport worker accused of stealing from senior citizen

Almost daily, people have to put a modicum of trust in other people, particularly employees at various establishments. Many individuals trust others to make their food and drinks, and when individuals need extra assistance due to mobility issues, they often trust workers to help push wheelchairs or assist in other ways. Unfortunately, some individuals who do help in such ways could end up in the line of fire if they are accused of stealing from these vulnerable parties.

It was recently reported that one woman in Ohio was indicted on a felony charge for theft after events that occurred over the summer. Allegedly, the accused woman worked for a private company that operated in Hopkins Airport to help elderly and disabled people get around the airport. The service included pushing these individuals in wheelchairs when needed. After pushing wheelchairs for multiple individuals, the woman was accused of stealing money from them.

Additional details regarding this case include the following:

  • Charges were not filed against the woman initially because it was considered a low-level crime.
  • The funds allegedly stolen in these events were recovered by police.
  • Because at least one of the purported events involved a senior citizen, the worker is now facing a felony charge.

Accusations of stealing, especially felony charges for theft, can be difficult to address. This Ohio woman will certainly want to take her case seriously and determine her best options for defending against the allegations. Utilizing local legal resources may allow her to gain reliable and applicable information regarding her legal rights and options as her case proceeds.

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