Useful tips for bringing up the topic of divorce

It is not unusual for someone to think about ending their marriage long before they actually bring up the topic. Often, individuals want to make sure they truly want a divorce before even bringing up the idea to their spouse. When the decision has been made, the thought of broaching the topic may be anxiety inducing, but taking the right approach could set the tone for the duration of the case. 

First, Ohio residents considering this step may want to remember that timing can play a significant part in bringing up divorce. If a spouse has already had a terrible day, is feeling low for other reasons or has recently facing a serious personal issue, such as the illness or loss of a family member, telling him or her about the desire to divorce will likely not go over well. Even though learning that one’s spouse wants to end the marriage is likely not good news under many circumstances, bringing it up at a relatively calm time could help ease the news. 

Other details to consider before talking about divorce include the following: 

  • Choose a location that is private, quiet and controlled, meaning there is little likelihood of interruptions. 
  • Carefully and compassionately talk about the decision rather than placing blame. 
  • Avoid too many details at the beginning, such as those relating to child custody decisions or property division. 
  • Point out that both sides are unhappy in the relationship, if applicable. 
  • Harbor an atmosphere of mutual respect and a willingness to work through the process as amicably as possible. 

It is not easy to predict how someone will react to the news that his or her spouse wants a divorce. Still, by taking a calm, logical and compassionate approach from the start, if possible, Ohio residents may be able to set the process off on the right foot. Of course, even if the situation seems amicable, each party may want to fully understand his or her legal rights and options. 

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