Altercation leads to assault charge for Ohio woman

When tensions run high, it is possible for someone to carry out actions that they later regret. Being angry could cause that person to act on impulse rather than fully thinking through their actions, and in some cases, that could lead to trouble with law enforcement. Even if a person had no intention to truly hurt another individual, police officers may believe the person’s actions warrant assault charges.

One woman in Ohio was recently taken into custody on such charges after an alleged altercation. Authorities were called to the scene of an incident involving the woman and a man. The woman claimed that the man was at her home causing a disturbance, but witnesses claimed that the woman was inside her vehicle and hit the man’s vehicle multiple times. The man then purportedly tried to leave the scene on foot, and witnesses allege that the woman attempted to hit him with her vehicle.

Upon further investigation, the following information purportedly came to light:

  • The victim stated that he had been at the woman’s home previously and had returned to get his keys when the woman became angry. 
  • Officers allegedly found substances in the woman’s car that they suspected were heroin and crack cocaine. 
  • The woman was taken into custody on a felonious assault charge. 
  • Additional charges could result depending on the test results involving the substances found in the vehicle. 

Though this Ohio woman may have let her emotions get the better of her in the moment, she may now want to maintain a level head as her case moves forward. She has the right to defend against the allegations, and understanding her legal options could help her address the assault charge and any other charges more effectively. Gaining information from local legal resources may prove useful to her.

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