2 facing drug charges after alleged meth, fentanyl bust

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Before police officers can charge someone with a crime, they must have valid reason for believing that the person carried out criminal activity. In some cases, that can mean taking weeks or months to investigate a matter, and it is not unusual for speculation and guesswork to go into that investigation. As a result, if a person is taken into custody for serious drug charges, knowing that the investigation may not have been perfect could give them hope when creating a defense. 

It was recently reported that two individuals in Ohio were taken into custody after a purported drug bust. An investigation began in February of this year when the Office of the Inspector General United States Postal Service seized illicit substances. Officers with a county sheriff’s department presumably began investigating where the substances may have been headed, and as a result, they were led to a storage facility. 

A search of the facility resulted in the following outcomes: 

  • Officers allegedly found approximately 2,350 grams of methamphetamine. 
  • Investigators purportedly uncovered nearly 2,720 Oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl. 
  • A 41-year-old man was taken into custody on drug-related charges. 
  • A 22-year-old man was also taken into custody on drug-related charges. 

These two Ohio men could face serious repercussions if they are convicted of the drug charges brought against them. However, they have the right to defend against the allegations, and it may be worthwhile for them to look closely at how officers conducted the investigation that led to their arrests. In some cases, violations of police policies or procedures could call for a reduction or even dropping of the charges. Having as much information as possible may help these men effectively approach their individual cases. 

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