Drunk driving charge results after driver hits wall

Sometimes people’s actions can land them in difficult predicaments. Though it may be tempting to wish that a certain scenario had not happened, it may be better to think of ways to handle the repercussions of that incident. For example, if a person is charged with drunk driving, it may be wise to focus on criminal defense options and ways to mitigate possible consequences.

One woman in Ohio will likely want to find her best defense options after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, police were contacted after a vehicle crashed into a wall on residential property before driving away. The homeowner reportedly described the vehicle to the police, and an officer later saw the described vehicle heading toward his vehicle. The officer swerved out of the way to avoid a collision.

The officer then followed the vehicle and tried to block it in order to get the driver to stop, but the driver allegedly sideswiped the police car before coming to a stop. Details were not provided on the driver’s blood alcohol concentration level or whether any field sobriety tests were conducted. Nonetheless, the driver was taken into custody and is currently facing a charge for OVI and assault on a police officer.

This Ohio woman certainly has a trying time ahead of her. Facing a criminal case is not easy, and charges for drunk driving can be difficult to handle. Fortunately, the woman does have legal options that she could explore if she hopes to find a way to create and present a meaningful criminal defense.

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