An estate plan could leave answers to important questions

Having more free time than usual can often make people contemplative. Many Ohio residents may have been thinking about a variety of aspects of their lives in recent months, and they may feel that it is a good time to get certain matters in order. In particular, many parties may be thinking about what to include in their estate plan.

Estate planning is a process that any adult would be wise to complete. Of course, it can often take a serious event to push individuals into thinking about end-of-life wishes. These days, parties may be looking around their houses wondering who they would like to receive certain assets and thinking about other details they would like to include in their wills, like who they would name as guardian for their minor children or who they would like to settle their estate.

Other heavy topics could be on their minds as well. For instance, certain health-related matters could leave a person unable to speak for him or herself, and in such a situation, someone else would need to make medical decisions on that person’s behalf. Now may be a good time to consider who they would trust to make such vital choices.

Fortunately, an estate plan can help Ohio residents appoint parties to these important positions and detail how they would like important end-of-life and after-life matters handled. A will, power of attorney, health care directive, trust and other documents could ensure that these wishes are in order and are legally binding. If individuals feel that now is the time to get started on their plans, they may want to contact knowledgeable estate planning attorneys for assistance.

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