Altercation over bacon leads to assault charge

People can often be particular about certain aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, if someone feels that a detail has not gone quite right, he or she could have what seems like an overreaction. In some cases, that overreaction can lead to a physical altercation and charges for assault. If so, that person may need to change focus to his or her criminal defense.

One man in Ohio may be wondering how he ended up in his current predicament after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the man was involved in a physical altercation with another man at their home. The alleged victim had apparently made bacon for breakfast, and the other man started an argument about the bacon and the amount that the victim had consumed.

The situation reportedly escalated to a point where the man put a razor blade to the other man’s neck and cut him. It was unclear how authorities became alerted to the situation, but nonetheless, the 47-year-old man was taken into custody. He is currently facing a charge for felonious assault. At the time of the report, he was still in custody with a bond set at $50,000.

The man may be regretting his seemingly harsh actions, but it is important to remember that news reports do not always have all the details. Some extenuating factors could exist that shed new light on this event. As this Ohio man considers his criminal defense options, he may want to go over every aspect of the alleged assault to determine whether any details could help his case.

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