The Best Personal Injury Lawyers Put Themselves in Their Client’s Shoes

We were recently reading a story about a verdict in a personal injury case in Miami, which found for the plaintiff damages in the amount of $4.67 million. Amanda Fader survived a near-fatal car crash, but, thankfully, she was wearing her seatbelt. She was a passenger traveling in a car at 3:00 in the morning on the highway when the at-fault vehicle approached from the wrong side of the road. Fader received damages for past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. While she may never collect all of the damages from the at-fault vehicle owner and driver, who both admitted their liability and negligence, she stood out as being represented by the firm of Goldberg & Rosen without ever having entered a courtroom. reported that Fader didn’t want to relive the traumatic traffic crash from 2012.

We Feel Passionately About Helping Accident Victims

What stands out about this story isn’t just that Fader suffered so much trauma in an accident that would have ended her life without a seatbelt. She went through a long recovery process and wants to move on. Her permanent injuries have cost her hundreds of thousands in medical bills and will cost more in the future. The at-fault driver’s poor choices had consequences for several people, and she walked away with scars, including damage to her intestines, vertebrae, and jaw. Fader must also live with the horrific memories, such as the driver not being responsive and the vehicle catching on fire. Her life was forever changed, leaving her only the option to recover from lasting injuries, to rebuild her life, and to hope that the personal injury lawsuit would provide some type of financial relief.

We Look at Real Cases

We know that this high-profile story represents a best-case scenario. We know that aggressive personal injury lawyers must have the experience required to build a case against the defendant and then take the evidence to trial. At Dungan and LeFevre, we do our collective best work to win high dollar awards for accident victims who have suffered through no fault of their own. While you are the victim and deserve justice, it’s uncertain if you will ever collect damages from the at-fault party, especially if the jury’s verdict exceeds any amount the insurer could be expected to pay under state law. Sometimes, juries will award punitive damages to a plaintiff when it’s clear the at-fault insurance company should have settled the case before trial.

We Are Here to Review Your Motor Vehicle Accident or Personal Injury Case At No Cost

We hope that potential clients do not have as many bad memories as Fader. Being in a traumatic collision is devastating enough without a vehicle fire or worrying that other people in the vehicle are still alive. We understand that this motor vehicle accident seemed to come out of nowhere. We know that you are shocked by your injuries and reeling from the pain. While the medical bills are adding up, you are also wondering if your life can ever return to normal. We would appreciate the opportunity to sit down and discuss the facts of your case and determine if there is a claim to make against one or more at-fault insurance companies.

Protect Your Rights

Your best bet to protect yourself is to seek legal advice at your earliest convenience. For some accident victims, this occurs while they are still in the hospital. For others, it’s after they have had some time to undergo surgery, get home, heal, and think seriously about what it means to hire a lawyer. Not all personal injury lawyers have handled cases like yours. Not all firms have the financial resources to take a case to trial, especially when they might have to fight on an uneven playing field, by which we mean the deep pockets of the defendant’s insurance company. We want you to protect your legal rights by determining the statue of limitations in your case and to help you explore any damages that you might recover from a potential settlement or jury verdict.

For more details on making a claim for your motor vehicle accident with injuries, we hope that you will take the time to contact us today.

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