Tips for driving in snow and ice

Ohio sees a lot of wintry weather each year, which leads to hundreds of vehicle accidents throughout the state. It’s important drivers understand how to best drive in snow and ice so they can take steps to reduce their chances of getting in an accident. Here are a few tips drivers can follow to stay safe driving in wintry weather.

  1. Clear vehicles of snow and ice — Although Ohio doesn’t have laws requiring drivers to remove snow and ice from their vehicles like some other states, the law does state people shouldn’t drive if anything non-transparent is covering their window. The law also has provisions regarding keeping one’s car safe so as not to pose hazards to other drivers, and flying snow and ice can strike other cars or fall onto the windshield of a driver’s car.
  2. Decrease speed — When driving in snow and ice, it’s important to reduce one’s speed. Snow and ice increase the time a driver has to stop, and driving too fast is a surefire way to lose control in icy conditions.
  3. Reduce distractions — Distracted driving is dangerous any time of the year, but drivers need to be extra vigilant while driving in snowy weather and minimize distractions.
  4. Use chains or snow tread tires — Drivers need to put snow chains on their tires or invest in tires with snow treads to help the car gain traction and maneuver safely.
  5. Keep distance — Along with reducing their speed, drivers also need to keep a considerable distance from other vehicles on the road. Snow and ice greatly reduce the amount of time one has to stop, and vehicles can easily lose control if not properly equipped for driving in wintry weather.

Although accidents can still happen on snowy and icy roads, following these tips can help increase drivers’ chances of staying safe and avoiding accidents. Sometimes, accidents that appear to be caused by snow or ice would not have happened had the driver taken extra precautions. Anyone in Ohio who suffered injuries in an accident on snowy or icy roads needs to consult an experienced personal injury attorney immediately for assistance.

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