Promoting cyclist safety by knowing how bicycle accidents occur

There may be many avid cyclists in Ohio who relish the idea of heading out on the open road on their bicycles. Whether as a means of exercise or enjoyment, or even as a primary mode of travel, riding a bike can offer numerous benefits and may help you save on the costs of fuel or avoid dense traffic congestion. 

However, along with these benefits there may also come some level of risk, especially since there is less in the way of protective barriers to shield you from harm should a collision take place. Part of promoting safety as a cyclist may involve spreading information on common causes of bicycle crashes and some of the hazards riders might face. 

Safety hazards for cyclists 

While practicing safe cycling techniques may be helpful in various ways, on some level, your safety may rest in the hands of nearby drivers. Some examples of driver-related hazards you might encounter could include: 

  • Driver inattention:  Drivers who succumb to distraction may run a greater risk of creating a hazardous situation, and similar types of negligence can leave cyclists with little chance of evading danger. 
  • Excessive speeding:  Speeding continues to be a contributing factor in far too many crashes, and while riding your bike, your ability to move out of the path of a swift-moving vehicle may be limited. 
  • Insufficient spacing:  Drivers who fail to allow sufficient spacing may struggle to react to what lies ahead, and a rear-end accident involving a cyclist can carry dire ramifications. 
  • Dangerous maneuvers:  Unexpected lane changes and failure to yield are two more examples of safety hazards that remain common causes of severe or even fatal bicycle crashes. 

If you ride through areas with street side parking, it could also be helpful to use caution, as the sudden opening of a car door could place your safety at significant risk. 

Bicycle accidents 

Bicycle accidents continue to occur at an alarming rate, and even if you take a defensive approach to riding, if others nearby do not show the same regard for your safety, the results may prove devastating. The fallout of such a crash could place your health and well-being in jeopardy, potentially leaving you with severe or even permanent injuries. The changes this could bring to your life may prove difficult to accept, and the situation might leave you with questions about the available options to help protect your future interests. 

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