Road rage and the role it plays in motor vehicle accidents

Many drivers experience some form of anger while behind the wheel, but most do not allow their emotions to influence their decisions. Traffic congestion or an unsafe lane change by a nearby driver could leave you feeling frustrated or on edge, but that anger usually passes mere moments later.

Some drivers might find it more difficult to let go and move on, and as anger rises, it may be difficult to tell what will unfold. If you cross paths with an angry driver who follows you around honking the horn or exhibiting aggressive behavior, you could wind up suffering the repercussions of road rage.

Possible behaviors and triggers

There could be various scenarios that might trigger an angry response and drivers who succumb to road rage could exhibit various potentially dangerous behaviors. Some of the possible hazards of road rage and ways to mitigate the risks thereof might include:

  • Possible triggers: Dense traffic congestion and distracted driving are just two examples of issues that might trigger an angry response and cause a driver to succumb to road rage.
  • Driver behaviors: Drivers who cannot control their anger may exhibit aggressive behaviors, such as following others for extended periods, weaving in and out of traffic, brandishing a weapon, or intentionally causing a collision.
  • Reducing the risks: Practicing defensive driving strategies could help you promote a safer atmosphere and avoid incurring the wrath of an angry driver.
  • Remain calm: Should you encounter the presence of road rage, it is helpful to remain calm. Try to keep a safe distance away from the other driver and then seek aid if necessary.

Unfortunately, you can only control so much of what happens on the road, and should a nearby driver exhibit road rage, the fallout could place your safety and well-being in jeopardy.

When collisions occur

If the decisions of an angry driver cause a serious collision to occur, the fallout thereof could leave you with severe or even permanent injuries. Suffering harm just because another party lost control can be a difficult thing to accept, as this moment of aggression could have a lingering impact on your life. While there may be little you can do to change what took place, seeking insight on your available options for legal recourse could help you better prepare to approach the recovery period with peace of mind.

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