2nd teen dies following car accident

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Sometimes, young drivers lack the experience to handle potentially dangerous situations on the road. Whereas older drivers may employ evasive techniques to avoid a precarious predicament, many panic in the face of danger and cause an accident. No one knows why a teenager lost control of his car in Ohio, but the resulting accident claimed the life of his passenger, and now, the driver has also passed away as a result of his injuries. 

Accident details 

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, a young man, 18, was driving north along SR-19. Around 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 4, the teen lost control of his vehicle and crossed into oncoming lanes of traffic. That was when another vehicle driven by a 34-year-old man struck the vehicle on the passenger side. 

The collision claimed the life of the 17-year-old passenger in the out-of-control car. The 18-year-old driver was taken to the hospital, where he has since succumbed to his injuries. The 34-year-old man suffered only minor injuries and was treated and released at the scene. The accident is still under investigation. 

Legal recourse for victims 

Now, a family is left to mourn the loss of their 17-year-old loved one, and the 34-year-old driver is likely still recovering from his injuries and must deal with the loss of his vehicle. Although the driver who apparently caused the accident died as a result, his estate can still face civil claims from adversely affected parties who may seek compensation for their damages and losses. Likewise, anyone else who has ownership interest in the car he was driving could be named in a civil suit. By working with an experienced personal injury attorney in Ohio, victims of this senseless tragedy can increase their chances of obtaining the favorable outcomes they deserve. 

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