Car crash in Dayton critically injures child, 3 others hurt

What initially appeared to be a single-car accident in Dayton recently injured three children riding in the vehicle, one of them critically. In a strange turn of events, the woman driving the car claims she was clipped by another driver who had run a stop sign, which led to the Ohio crash. However, police could not initially find any evidence another vehicle was involved, though they are searching for the alleged suspect.

Accident details

According to reports, a woman was driving along North Main Street near Shadyside Drive with three children in her car. Around 7:10 the morning of Jan. 11, she lost control of the car and jumped a curb and struck a utility pole. The car spun several times before coming to rest.

Three children in the car suffered injuries. Two of the children, ages 4 and 5, suffered injuries not deemed life-threatening; however, a 3-year-old toddler in the car suffered critical injuries and was apparently not restrained in a car seat. The woman driving the car was not injured.

Was another vehicle involved?

The Ohio woman claims a truck ran a stop sign and collided with the back of her car, causing her to lose control and crash. Police are actively searching for the alleged suspect, and they have asked the public to report any information that may help. If the other driver is found, he or she may face charges involving leaving the scene of an accident along with a civil claim against the family of the children injured. If the woman is found to have been solely at fault, the family members of the three children may choose to pursue claims for personal injuries against her through an insurance settlement or by formal litigation in civil court.

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