Car accident in Erie County claims 1 life, injures 2 teens

Driving requires one’s constant attention to avoid potential hazards in the road and prevent accidents. Unfortunately, sometimes, drivers are caught unaware of hazards in their line of travel, and the results can be disastrous. This seems to be the case in a recent car accident in Ohio in which one woman lost her life and two teens were injured.

Accident details 

Reports state that a woman from Vermillion was traveling in a car with two passengers, a 15-year-old boy and 18-year-old man. Around 7 in the morning of Friday, Dec. 10, the woman was travelling west on U.S. 6. At the same time, a semi-truck driver was the rig backing into a private driveway. The woman’s car collided with the truck’s trailer.

The woman driving the car was declared deceased at the scene. The 15-year-old passenger, who was in the front seat, suffered injuries described as minor and was taken to a local hospital. The 18-year-old was in the back seat and also suffered minor injuries. He was also treated at a local hospital. The driver of the truck reportedly did not suffer injuries.

Legal recourse 

Although the exact cause of the accident is still under investigation, victims will have to wait on the official findings before pursuing civil claims. Should authorities confirm the truck driver was at fault through ostensibly taken up road space to back his truck into the driveway, he and his employer can be named in a suit brought by the victims. If it’s determined the woman’s negligence led to the accident, her estate can be named in suits against those injured and adversely affected in an attempt at a recovery of damages. Either way, parties will want to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to gain a full understanding of their rights and options.

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