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Erratic driver causes car accident, serious injuries

| Feb 14, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Without fully realizing it, numerous people put their lives in the hands of others almost every day. Whenever individuals get into a vehicle and start driving, they are unconsciously trusting other drivers to operate their vehicles in appropriate manners. Unfortunately, not all drivers deserve that trust, and an erratic driver can easily cause a serious car accident.

It was recently reported that multiple injuries resulted from a crash in Ohio. Apparently, a witness had reported a minivan driver who was operating the vehicle in an erratic manner. The driver was apparently speeding and disregarding traffic signals. At one point, the driver did not stop at a red light, and at the same time, another driver was attempting to make a turn at the intersection. The minivan then hit the turning vehicle.

The woman driving the turning vehicle was not wearing a seat belt at the time, and she was ejected from her car. As a result, she was flown from the accident scene to an area hospital. The passenger in the minivan was also flown from the scene due to injuries. The driver of the minivan suffered injuries that were not considered life-threatening and was being treated at an area hospital. It was noted that criminal charges could come against that driver.

Erratic drivers pose a serious threat to everyone on the road. As this car accident shows, a crash is only moments away from happening when someone does not follow the law. The individuals injured in this Ohio crash may have reason to seek compensation from the driver considered at fault by filing personal injury claims. If successful, awarded compensation could help them address medical bills, lost wages and other damages permissible under state law.