03.01.18 | Firm News

Tipp City Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

The Tipp City Foundation is pleased to announce the unanimous appointments of Nathan Rentz and Sarah Worley to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Nathan Rentz is a certified public accountant with RSM US LLP. When asked about his commitment to the Foundation, Nathan explains, “I have spent the majority of my life in or near the area the Foundation serves and have fond memories of summers in the City Park, the community swimming pool, amongst countless others. Therefore, I have a strong and invested passion to see this opportunity as a chance for me to give back so that future generations will also have those memories.”

Nathan’s other volunteer roles include the Tipp City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Tipp City Rotary Community Leadership Committee, and the Give Where You Live Steering Committee.

Sarah Worley is a Director/Attorney at Dungan & LeFevre. Sarah is, “…particularly passionate about those organizations and programs that benefit children and the schools (such as programs for literacy and STEM). Grants through the Tipp City Foundation allow students in Tipp City and Bethel to participate in programs in which they would not otherwise be able to participate. These are the types of decisions that make me excited about the opportunity to join the Tipp City Foundation Board.”

Sarah also currently serves our community in other ways including the Give Where You Live Steering Committee, Dayton Children’s Hospital Planned Giving Advisory Committee, The Troy Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Troy Rotary Club and the Troy Rotary Foundation Board.

Both Nathan and Sarah bring a wealth of professional experience and passionate community involvement to Foundation Board, enabling the Tipp City Foundation to continue its mission to promote local community endeavors and advance charitable giving through an unwavering commitment for future generations.

Since 1943, the Tipp City Area Community Foundations has awarded $2,109,125.44, through December 31, 2017. Members of the Foundation are Heather Bailey, president, Mary Bowman, Jesse Chamberlain, Diana Featherstone, Dee Gillis, Dave Grim, treasurer, Melissa Keller, Bruce McKenzie, Jim Ranft, distribution chair, Nathan Rentz, Pete Schinaman, Claire Timmer, Jackie Wahl, secretary, and Sarah Worley. The Tipp City Foundation is a member fund of The Troy Foundation. If you would like information about how to apply for a grant, please contact Jim Ranft at (937) 667-1270. If you would like information about how to make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact Heather Bailey at (937) 667-4499.

For more information visit www.tippfoundation.org or Tipp Foundation on Facebook.

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