11.16.17 | Business Law

What Are My Responsibilities as a Client?

Because you have established a relationship with an attorney who will present your demands and requests to the court, you need to clearly communicate to your attorney your wishes and priorities. Be open and truthful with your attorney, and don’t leave out any details. It is our job to figure out which details are relevant to your case, so don’t censor yourself because you think a detail won’t matter. Your economic well-being, reputation, and freedom could be on the line. If evidence later establishes that you have been untruthful or have lied to the court, you may be legally penalized by the court.

We understand that this process can be intimidating and that sharing some information might feel embarrassing. But don’t worry; your communications with your attorney are confidential. Your attorney will not reveal embarrassing or harmful information that you have disclosed, but by knowing all the facts, your attorney can help you plan the best way to correct or minimize harmful information. If you do not disclose important facts to your attorney, you are leaving yourself open for surprises. And surprises in court will leave you and your attorney at a disadvantage in resolving your legal matter.

Your attorney will guide you through the process, so your best bet is to do what your attorney advises you to do. Your complete cooperation with providing the details of your case helps us be prepared to make our best case for you.

What are my responsibilities as a party?

You have responsibilities to the court as a party to a legal action. Because there are many legal procedures to follow, the court must formally address and resolve your problems by issuing court orders. Even if you do not agree with the court’s orders, you must comply or you may be legally penalized. In addition, if you don’t comply, you will also put your case at a disadvantage and the final resolution may be delayed. If you believe certain orders are unfair, you can discuss with your attorney possible ways to have the court make modifications; but until orders are formally changed by the court, you must follow the orders.

What if I have further questions?

At Dungan & LeFevre, we handle each case professionally and with care for our clients. We want to ensure you have peace of mind and are fully prepared for your case. If you have any questions regarding your responsibilities, please contact Mike Jurek, Jack Hemm or Mike Rice.

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