02.04.13 | Philanthropy


 As we did in 2011, our staff decided to adopt a family this past Christmas.  Our employees came together and raised over $700 to help a family who is going through some hard times.  We at Dungan & LeFevre feel blessed to have a job to come to each day, food on our tables and clothes on our backs, but, most importantly, the ability to help someone who is less fortunate.  We were honored to help and received the following in return: 

 Dungan and LeFevre staff:
What a difference you made in a local family’s life by contributing to the ‘jeans day at work’ program.  Your combined effort resulted in a family facing hard times having a Christmas they’ll never forget.  They thought they were out there with no hope and were blessed with a magical Christmas from you.  (This family was nominated by an outreach program we support so they had no idea or expectations.)  Here is what they said:
Hey I once again want to tell you thank you for every thing. We were extremely excited as were the kids. We never thought that after all our hardships and heartache that something like this could happen to us. All the clothes fit them.. they love all the toys.. especially the rocking horse.. lol.. I hope you had a great holiday.. Merry Christmas… God Bless You…

p.s. Please send our gratitude to whoever took the time out of their lives and money out of their pockets to help us during this hard time of the year.
I hope that makes everyone’s heart sing this morning.  Thank you for reaching out to our organization to help those in need.
Melina Huber
St. Patrick’s Church
Giving Tree

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